There’s no denying; without my mother, I wouldn’t have made it this far, and not just on a physical level, but every facet of existence.  Yet in the same light, I’ve also come to understand that she can’t live without me either.  It was only recently when I nearly gasped for my last breath in a bout of extreme low blood pressure.  I had never heard her cry so much, even in prayer.  She didn’t want to miss me and wasn’t ready to lose our companionship.

After thirty-four years of caring for me, we have, in many ways, become united, both in hardships and happiness.  When I was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, she decided to take on this disease with me.  It wasn’t without hesitation as suicidal thoughts resided in her mind, but once she made the choice, her devotion stood invincible.  I suppose one could say that I am her kryptonite, but then again, she is mine as well.  Common knowledge tells us that superhuman strength can only exist alongside a weakness, and here are ten reasons why the Duchenne Mom is the Queen of the Universe:

  1. Decision Confident: The Duchenne Mom is incredibly determined. Once she makes a choice, it is immediately set in stone.  While others run a mile to the opposite direction, she remains to be the unmovable rock that withstands the test of time.  Nothing and no one, even the toughest challenges, can persuade her otherwise.

  2. Super-Fast Learner: Even if she isn’t the most medically savvy person, she makes the time and effort to understand. She goes out of her way to gain knowledge, taking notes and memorizing with great accuracy.  She is neither afraid nor embarrassed of asking questions for the sake of certainty.

  3. Initiative Intense: In her presence, fear quickly becomes insignificant. Not only does she choose fearlessness, but she also volunteers to leave her comfort zone in order to make your life a little easier.  She possesses the ability to overcome squeamishness at will because it’s necessary.

  4. MacGyverism: You want resourcefulness? Look to the Duchenne Mom.  She is a problem solver capable of materializing solutions out of thin air, taking the most unconventional items and making them beneficial, even in the most remote locations.  Her mind is intricately developed with a sense of innovation and invention.

  5. Auxiliary Awesome: And move over Terminator! Her batteries will eventually run out at the end of the day, of course, with all the care she provides.  When push comes to shove though, she is always able to find the energy to save the world.  She is unstoppable because your life is her recharge and reward.

  6. Uncompromised Authority: If you’re looking for someone to support you in absolutely everything you do, keep wheeling! Your physical disability is never an excuse because in her eyes, you are better than the rest.  She will only support you in the things that are right, while correcting your wrongs without hesitation.  “Integrity” is her middle name.

  7. Emotionally Solid: Crying is no sign of weakness, not when her foundation is built upon the core. Regardless of circumstance, her resilience is without measure.  When life gets tough, even impossible at times, you can still count on her to make things okay again, somehow.  Her courage is a highly contagious biological weapon.

  8. Forever Compassionate: Duchenne muscular dystrophy might bring her down on occasion, but she will never allow it to get the best of her. Despite the ongoing stresses, she still finds the strength to support other families in need, not only from a sense of duty, but a genuinely glad heart.  Bitterness has no part in her nature.

  9. Pragmatically Gentle: Women are known to be gentle, but the Duchenne Mom’s soft hands include a practical dimension as well. She is quick as need be and tender just as much.  The balance between her precision and application is beyond perfection.

  10. Unlimited Positivity: When emotions are running high, she is the one to turn frowns upside down and create laughter with the snap of her fingers. She freezes moments and makes them cozy and warm.  She motivates, inspires, and provides encouragement for all, selflessly taking care of everyone.

You might wonder why Duchenne Moms are Queens of the Universe when they do so much for us.  However, their actions are a way of revealing how we should treat them.  We have the obligation and responsibility to treat our mothers like the Queens of the Universe they are, with gladness and delight.  They deserve so much love, and praising and appreciating them is so important.

Mom has been my main caregiver for my entire life.  She has never left my side or given up on me.  The above list of qualities comes from personal experience and I owe her everything, even though she remains humble.  I love her so much, and because of her, striving to better myself is a daily thing.  I hope to be even half the person she is, my admiration is so huge.  Kids, remember to love your mommies!