It always saddens me, how the female gender is so overly sexualized.  I’m all for liberation.  Questioning it would be the equivalent of questioning human rights.  However, and unfortunately, the definition of liberty has been completely skewed and perverted in this day and age.

There is no doubt that women should be free (it’s a given), but when that freedom comes without consequence, regardless of action, conflicts will arise.  As an example, freedom doesn’t mean that a woman should be objectified, even under her approval.  It doesn’t take away social responsibility.  This is the reason I’m violently against the sensationalized hype of 50 Shades of Grey, nothing but a revelation of exploitation in literature and on film.

Our hypocritical rape culture promotes the goddess mentality, or glorification of women, yet it mocks them in the same light.  “I have to check with the boss at home first,” most husbands usually joke around saying.  I actually find the phrase highly insulting and demeaning.

Being physically disabled, I’ve heard so much chauvinistic bullshit about women through the years.  Those who blindly believe that people in wheelchairs are angels need a real good kick in the pants.  “Getting” a girlfriend, or worse, “getting one”, calling women “sex toys”, prostitution, etc.; it blows my mind how much foul-smelling excrement my community gets away with.  I still laugh sometimes at how that flock of cripples was getting on my case about respecting sex workers, but of course, it was because they were desperate to get laid!  I personally don’t define myself with the fact that I’ve slept with less than one woman, but that’s just me…

The underlying problem with our society is that people don’t understand the meaning of feminism.  In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with being a “man-hater” or “femi-Nazi”.  I’m a feminist because of my stance that women are human beings.  Without consequence, calling someone out for dressing inappropriately is deemed as “slut shaming”, while appreciating it is sexual harassment.  Women can do no wrong, except when they drown their own children.

No.  I don’t believe women are angels.  I don’t believe them to be goddesses either.  Why is it so impossible for women to be treated like people?  I get that chivalry still means something, and it should, but having a sense of integrity is what separates us from the animal kingdom.  I blame a lot of it on spineless men who expend their opinions for a moment of pleasure.  As a result, girls lack in male role models and boys simply want cheap sex.

Like for every citizen of the world, women deserve the choices they make for themselves, and finding better is their own prerogative.  It doesn’t involve Prince Charming and their salvation in him.  Women don’t need to be saved.

Human beings are responsible for themselves.  Every action has a reaction.  Every decision has a consequence.  I feel the same about women.