Dear Hispanic Women,

Hush, mi amor.  I hardly know what you’re saying most of the time, but your seduction in words resonates inside me like the sensual strums of a guitar.  Though the way you talk too much and fast is sweetly tantalizing, I want to touch your lips with fingertips so you may surrender to the silence in my caress.

Closing your eyes to the orange marmalade skies of a tequila sunset, the golden rays of warmth envelop your naturally flowing, raven-shine hair.  Its radiance evokes a dreamlike fairytale come true.  All I need is to wrap my arms around you, while your intoxicating elixir seeps into my heart.

Your momentary slumber is my silent romance, but awaiting your alluring gaze is a journey of yearning torment.  As your sun-kissed cheeks are painted with a strawberry mocha blush, the silk of your skin is accentuated with the illumination of nightfall, while the hypnotic look in your Spanish eyes finds its reflection.  They glisten to reveal an ocean of starry twilight, and a nocturnal realm of existence unfolds.

Dancing into the night with an aura of vibrancy surrounding your trajes de faraleas, I watch on with envy as the lunar embrace enfolds your elegance.  It saddens me that I may never join your dance, for my limitations hinder our melodic waltz.  I look upon the shores of the glimmering abyss and wonder if you’ll ever be mine.  I wonder if you might give me a chance at winning your heart.

It is then that you reach for my face and make me free at last.  You take my hands to interlock our fingers, while our eyes meet once more.  Within their distance defining this moment of us, I realize the truth.  Surrender will always remain to be mine, for my worries subside in your presence.  Letting them go isn’t impossible anymore.

And in you, I’ve discovered the reflections of romance as your crimson lips become luminescent to the celestial glow of moonlight.  They’re a reminder that love isn’t only a voyage, but a destination of hope in us.

Tonight is ours, my darling muñequita.  As your honey-glazed lips rest upon mine, the soft plunge of your margarita kiss seduces me to understand that the art of romance is a never-ending odyssey to learn to love you more.  Romance is to love every part of you, individually and completely.

Dear Hispanic Women, I’ve always wanted to be with a tall or aggressive short girl so she might save me from spiders and monsters, but your feisty nature is everything I could ever ask for.  Though you might think I only want to marry you for protection, it really isn’t so.

My dear sweet querida hermosa, your emotion’s graceful flow, from passionate anger to endearing cares, is what makes me want to be your taco shell forever.


Don Juan Ricardo