Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada for the majority of his childhood, author Ricky Tsang came into the world on May 20, 1981, scaring the daylights out of all the pretty nurses when he smiled without tears.  As one of the oldest living individuals with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, he was diagnosed following a muscle biopsy at the Hospital for Sick Children when he was six years old.  He became wheelchair bound by the age of nine.

In July of 1994, Ricky underwent a spinal fusion surgery due to scoliosis, one of the side effects of his condition.  He returned to elementary and continued in high school until the first semester of the tenth grade when he ultimately lost the use of his hands.  Eventually going on to graduate via online education, he went on 24/7 ventilation as his lungs could no longer sustain themselves shortly after leaving.

The end of 2000 brought new inspiration when the pursuit of literary arts was realized… because of a girl, of course!  From the sketchpad to the written word, Tsang’s peculiar combination of poetry and satire captivated audiences in the world of blogging by an uproar.  It was the primer for his looming book, Ridiculous: The Mindful Nonsense of Ricky’s Brain.

Reaching his thirty-year milestone, he was diagnosed with heart failure right before publication.  He lived to see the success overflow as he broke the record at his first signing event, selling out sixty copies in a local Chapters location.

With the rise of recognition, the Toronto Star soon noticed Ricky and published an article on his story.  He was later interviewed on a national Chinese television station, Fairchild TV, in a talk show called Leisure Talk, while another newspaper requested an interview.  He also professionally recorded two songs that he wrote in October, 2011.

Currently, Ricky’s state of health has been on the decline, but with much determination, he is fighting for his life.  He continues writing and is recovering well, making the best of his daily happenings.  He is utilizing this website as a way of encouraging more people that possibility is always possible.


As a motorized madman, Ricky isn’t looking to be an inspiration, but instead uses his peculiar sense of humour to find a little ridiculousness in life.  His writing focuses on romance, for his lifelong dream is to make every girl throw up, either orally or optically.  Ricky will continue writing until he finally goes out of print, so until then, who knows how many more chicken wings may survive?

…A Note from Ricky, to You