Dear Husbands,

I’ve always been envious, how you have someone to cherish for a lifetime.  I was already planning my wedding as a six year old boy.  Circumstances were never in my favour when it came to romance.  However, I’m fortunate that I caught a glimpse of what love means.  I don’t have much to offer, only ten things I believe that a husband should do to make his wife happy… or at least, what I would do!

  1. Ask about her day, instead of what’s for dinner. Ordinary questions symbolize effort, and they mean something to her.

  2. Never complain about her outside your marriage. If something’s wrong, talk.  Be honest and upfront.

  3. Obsess about her sometimes. Focus on her.  Tell her how beautiful she is, and not how beautiful she looks in different dresses.

  4. Recognize her affections. They are not just a part of women’s nature, but a unique reflection to reveal how she wants to be loved.

  5. When you’re upset in an argument, don’t let it get to the point where she has to stroke your ego to make you feel better. It makes her lonely.

  6. If you apologize, remember not to say, “Whatever I did”. Own up to your mistakes.  Put aside your pride and make her number one.

  7. Support her in the things that are right, and respect enough to tell her like it is. Love her for everything she is, is becoming, and was always meant to be.

  8. She doesn’t expect you to read her mind. She wants you to be aware of what she needs and work with her accordingly.  Take the time to understand her.

  9. Surprise her with unconventional gifts. Love letters, notes, kisses on the forehead, etc… Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be once a year.

  10. Winning her heart is never the end because love is a continuous journey of becoming one. It’s to make love with and not only to her.

Now, I don’t know much when it comes to loving a girl.  I only hope the things I’ve said may serve as a reminder to someone, anyone that a woman’s happiness is worth living and dying for.