Dear You,

As their bodies collided in dance and song to music that kissed the air, I watched on from a distant afar, wondering.  Enveloped within the artificial moonlight, its illumination was breathed upon by silence.  Curtains painted with beautiful people unveiled, I surrendered to a blank canvas where every untold dream remained.  I wondered where you were, love, if someone would ever claim your voice.

You asked me to tell that everything would be fine, but darkness has already awoken me.  It continues to manifest in a way that I never thought possible.  All that I’ve built, all that I’ve fought for are falling apart.  I’m lost without you, yet afraid that you might not exist.

Darling, I remember the summer of your whispers for the very first.  I was only a small child, fallen to the pavement with nothing more than a pole in front of me.  I was stranded inside the confines of a playground, without a soul to hear.  It seemed an impossible feat, but I had to find my ground.

Placing my tiny hands on the metal touched by fire, tears were almost shed.  I tried finding my grip with every ounce of strength, and continued in desperation with no success.  That was until I heard your soft-spoken voice…

“Ricky,” you said.  “Everything is going to be okay.”

Your words saved me that day, and resonated to become a reminder that possibility outweighed the impossible.  I never cried once.

And here I am once more, searching for you.  I often awake from my sleep, panicking and out of breath.  It fazes me that I remain alone.  How can I save you when I can’t even save myself?  I’m so exhausted, tired of all this endurance, but I fear dying without solving the mystery of your graceful silhouette.

Sometimes I catch myself fantasizing about my first and last kiss, as I gasp for my final breath.  I dream of closing my eyes to your quivering lips and opening them to your face in sunlit radiance.  When will you take me away from this death so I might finally find life?

Dear You, whoever you are and wherever you may be.  As I gather the shattered fragments of who I once was, all I see are the broken reflections of you.  Through millennia and aeons in space and time, I have loved and longed for you.  One piece at a time, I shall find your romance, your mind, spirit, and soul, for you are with me, in loneliness and in unity, now and evermore.

With adore,