“As you venture through the walls of her heart, you’ll find reason to redefine your redefinition of romance.  Before falling, we find comfort in solitude, but as it continues, we learn a need that overpowers every fibre of our beings.  The way a woman desires for her man to change is often considered a flaw as acceptance is a significant part of love.  However, when you take the time to discover her intentions, it’s about letting her guide you to become the man you were always meant to be.”

— The Art Of Loving A Woman


“The opportunity to scare the crap out of everyone was obvious.  There we were in the middle of an epidemic, and there I was on a ventilator, with a mask.  I parked my giant mechanical ass next to some poor bastard who was already sweating bullets.  I pretended to cough and whispered: ‘EBOLA, EBOLA!’”

— I’m Cursed: Close Encounters Of The Medical Kind


“Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I had a special someone who was caught in a fire and Prince Charming went for the rescue.  Would she think of me while being carried outside with her pretty head upon his shoulder?  Would she still think of me, watching on as his buns of steel prance back into the building to save a furry animal?  And do such thoughts of envy make me less of a man?”

— The Opportunities Of Romance


“Or does possession have limitations, thus discriminates to maintain a certain atmosphere of fear?  It’s hard to imagine a vessel of unclean spirits that stutters, has a physical defect with a hint of comedic motion from perhaps a dilapidated forearm, or is visually impaired, resulting in various occasions of misjudging ceiling distances.”

— The Science Of Human Consciousness

Fiction (Short Story)

“She wasn’t just another girl.  I could tell by the way she kindly placed the blades of her fingers upon the light post.  I envied her sweet embrace enfolding it and wondered if her romance would ever find its way to me.  I wondered if she saw my recognition that her touch was the greatest extension of her heart.”

— Daydreams For A Goddess: The Daydream

Non-Fiction (Personal Experience)

“If you walked in by surprise, you’d see me rocking back and forth as I used my personal table to leverage a thrusting motion that helped to inhale and exhale.  I’d only do it with no one around, which was fortunately most of the time.  The frustration of gasping for air made me extremely irritable and angry.  I didn’t want the world to see me.  I’d sit in my room all day, trying my damnedest just to breathe.”

— This Is My Life: The Final Chapter Of My Childhood