Truth be told, I don’t care if this flies in the face of people living in la-la land.  Sex surrogacy, prostitution, escort services, etc. for the disabled is still wrong.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re missing out on “life experience”.  It’s inexcusable, for anyone.  I hate what it involves and all that it stands for.

January 24, 2002: I remember that afternoon so clearly.  My first ever nurse looked after me at the time.  During chest physiotherapy, we had our usual, casual conversations, or so I thought.  The topic of a celebrity couple arose and while she defended the man, I didn’t agree with adultery.  She seemed fine initially, but then, out of nowhere, unhooked my ventilator and turned the machine off (my mother was in the kitchen and she didn’t want her to hear the alarm).

“Quiet.” she laughed.  “Quiet.”

In panic, I was running out of air and gasping.  I pleaded for my life, begging for mercy as she continued in her chuckles.  When she finally gave me permission to breathe, I immediately said, “You raped my voice.”

I don’t mean to undermine the true victims of sexual violence, but after what she did, I cried myself to sleep in humiliation.  I felt less as a man.  Although my experience was nothing compared to what survivors endure, it gave me a glimpse into the darkness.  I’ve seen the anguish, the tears that follow, and I never want to again.

Did you know the number of sex slaves around the world is 12.3 million?  Did you know that out of all those victims, there are only 0.4% identified?  Did you know the ratio of convicted offenders to victims identified is 8.5 to 100?  In the United States alone, 100,000 children are involved in prostitution annually.

A study of five cities showed that 300,000 “domestic minors” were involved in prostitution.  Pennsylvania statistics show that 12% involved in prostitution are male, 74% are female, while 14% are unknown.  21% of those are minors.  The average age of prostitution is between 12 and 14 years old.  72% of girls in rehabilitation programs have a history of commercial sex.  All identified are under the subjection of a pimp.

So no, I don’t care if I die a virgin.  It doesn’t matter if people make fun of me.  I refuse to participate in activities that may or may not be considered as sexual assault.  I’d rather never walk again than to see another girl raped and abused.

Of course, I could have let that nurse destroy the way I felt towards women.  I could have let her ruin my ideals.  However, I chose otherwise with the foundation I had already built.  I couldn’t remain bitter anyway.  Women have been caring for me since the very beginning and I’m nothing but grateful.  It’s impossible to provide physical protection, but fighting against the injustice is simply my way of giving back, little as it may be.