Dearest Love,

Sometimes I can’t take it.  I can’t stand the unbearable agony that consumes my throbbing flesh.  My thoughts corrupt when droplets of sweat seep through the skin.  The rush of unrelenting turmoil becomes a journey of tears as I lose myself in tormented screams that remain unheard.  Only thoughts of you linger, yet your sweet hushes whisper from afar, in places where my existence will never belong.

Where are you, heart?  Your rhythm continues to breathe life into my body, but I’m numb inside at the voice of your ghost.  I am haunted with emptiness, closing my eyes in surrender to the sadness that reigns over every fibre of my being.  Undo me, please.  Make me free at long last.  Claim the soul of the no one in my mind and seduce me evermore.

I sense traces of you, every time another woman walks past me; in smiles, in touch, even inhales and exhales that entice my desire to live.  I reverse my frowns for a moment’s time, waiting for her to see me, but when reality sets in, the silence is noise once more.  I love you, Love.  I need you, Love.  Are you there, somewhere?

As nightfall collides with dreams laid before me, my eyes are kindled with darkness amid the anticipation for a never-ending abyss.  Life becomes death, and death, my salvation.  I laugh at my demise, fallen from the grace of a bittersweet fairytale that could never, ever be.

Dearest Love, under the rainbow while unseen colours fill the stellar skies, I’m enthralled with the notion of wishing upon you alone.  Hope resurfaces in a twinkle and I wonder if home might not be so far away.  Please let your warmth guide the way, that I may fall asleep in your honeyed romance.  Embellish my loneliness with your tender kisses and make me whole again.

Save me,