I find it amusing, every time those who fear the truth come to mind.  There are so many things in life that we simply cannot avoid, no matter how much we try hiding from them.  I’d rather face the harsh reality than voluntarily deceive myself, and not because I’m some kind of masochist.  I never aimed towards perfection because I’ve always strived for self-betterment.

It’s quite the struggle, watching my body wither to bone.  I’m not me anymore when I look in the mirror.  Insomnia confuses my todays with yesterdays, and yesterdays, tomorrows.  While all my loves, as in physical abilities, are taken away, I can’t decide whether I’m able to handle the situation, or not.

But my tears never existed in vain.  When I made the choice to undertake this seemingly impossible task, I promised that I’d live with a hundred percent.  I refused to join our society of sheep that numbs itself from human struggle, for nothing more than a false sense of elation.  Accomplishments manifested from my own merit actually mean something to me.

So I enter another, mightier storm that could quite possibly be the end of me.  I engage a much stronger adversity, unafraid, because options never had a place in this destiny of mine.  I was trained from the beginning to continue without thought.  I live off sheer will and determination.  The truth hurts, but my story is worth living and telling.