Sometimes it feels as though I’m in a different dimension.  Even with friends and family, I’m still so out of place.  I remain alone, yet solitude keeps me calm.  It’s cold where I am, this perpetual dream of silence.  Like the darkness of outer space, I await for sunlight to find me…

“Ricky, what would you do to me if we were together right now?” she asks.

“I’d look into your eyes, gently brushing your hair away.  As I gaze into your heart, I’d run my fingers down your cheek; index to your lips.  I’d ask you to close your eyes and surrender to the rush of a summer breeze.  I’d kiss you as I lower my hands into yours with fingers interlocking.”

But impossibility outweighs the possible.  I’ve no strength in my frail hands to touch her face, as much as I need to make her see and fall in love with me.  How does one reach a woman’s heart without the physical touch?  It’s a question I’ve asked myself, time and time again.  All I have is a handful of words to discover this art.

To love a woman is a journey of romance, through even the simplest ways.  They say love at first sight is shallow, but if you allow yourself to believe it can only exist without limitations, then and only then will you find the physical extensions of her heart.  Her eyes, smile, and touch are capable of bringing you closer, while your destination is to find her at the end of each path.

As you venture through the walls of her heart, you’ll find reason to redefine your redefinition of love.  Before falling, you find comfort in solitude, but as it continues, you learn a need that overpowers every fibre of your being.  The way a woman desires for her man to change is often considered a flaw as acceptance is a significant aspect.  However, when you take the time to discover her intentions, it’s about letting her guide you to become the man you were always meant to be.

When you own the desire to understand her, you’ll also find innocence.  Aside from everything, she’s so much more.  She’s your best friend; someone to share your dreams with, for romance isn’t always the key to finding her heart.  It’s the ability to warm her through other means as passion inspires you to make her laugh and cry and dream of beautiful things.

To love a woman is a journey of discovery.  Through innocence, you’ll notice splendour in her every move.  It’s about finding it within the crevices of her heart, even when she feels a mess.  When you acknowledge it’s only her feelings, you’re also acknowledging her beauty, no matter how, when, or where.  Remove yourself from the boundaries of common romanticisms and know she’s beautiful the way she is.

What matters is that you’re there for her.  It’s to build a connection and put yourself in her shoes.  It’s to make love with and not only to her.  When she’s with child, you must recognize that she isn’t pregnant alone.

One day, when you find her falling upon your arms in a moment of weakness, it’s about giving her wings and hoping for her to stay.  It’s to show her she’s loved and not only by you.  And when you realize her tears aren’t really tears, but beautiful heart cries instead, that’s when you’ve taken the first step in discovering the art of loving a woman.  This is where I am.

If there is a way to reach a woman’s heart without the touch of my fingertips, I promise that I’ll find it, even if it takes a billion trillion stars.  I have to believe it’s a learning process so if ever she comes along, I’ll know how I should bring joy into her life.