Doesn’t it break your heart, seeing child sponsorship commercials with African babies covered in flies?  It’s impossible to watch television without having them plastered all over your screen.  If such organizations actually cared, the budget for advertising, along with salaries, wouldn’t be significantly larger than what the poor receive on a monthly basis.  Yet, emphasis outweighs love.  Their suffering continues to be the clutch used against us to propagate sympathy.

People who genuinely care don’t require guilt trips to make monetary donations because those who do never gave a damn in the first place.  They simply needed to feel as though a difference was made at a discount price, sticking photos of their pet darkie on the refrigerator door as a pat on the back for the leftover change they donated.

The Black race is objectified for personal gain.  It’s the reason we see a new trend of celebrities adopting African babies.  Without providing for the families they take from, which would easily be accomplished, offspring are stolen for limelight glory.

In the same light, objectification is also a form of idolatry.  Why else would the media solely focus on one continent and not children of all countries who live in poverty?  Society is trained to worship Black people, resulting in the dumbest propagandas like the promotion of how it’s cool to be a certain colour.

I’m talking about the racial propagandist likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who force interventions on people, brainwashing them into idolaters.  These so-called civil rights activists focus on the stupidest things, while all hell breaks loose with the slightest mention of the sensationalized “N” word.

Did you ever hear about the Sean Bell shooting incident that took place in the New York City borough of Queens on November 25, 2006?  He and his two friends were holding a bachelor party in a strip club that was being investigated for prostitution.  One of the men, Joseph Guzman, had an argument with a woman inside and threatened to gun her down, prompting Officer Gescard Isnora to call for backup.

The team tried confronting the criminals, while Isnora identified himself and ordered them to stop the car.  Instead, Bell accelerated and hit him, then an unmarked police minivan.  Guzman reached for his weapon and Isnora yelled, “Gun!”  The police opened fire, killing the culprit and injuring the others.

Black civil rights activists cried out bloody murder!  They praised and blessed the hit and run offender for being another victim of racially charged police brutality, despite the fact that Officer Isnora was African American as well.  Sean Bell, who had been arrested three times; twice for drug dealing and once for firearms possession, quickly became another poster child for White guilt.

Sharpton and Jackson, the two spineless hypocrites, are, in fact, the biggest racists.  They make huge deals over nothing and exploit their own community for financial gain, fuelling the fire between races by facilitating hatred at every given opportunity.  These media whores have created an atmosphere of deceit where Blacks can do no wrong and anything less is considered racism.  The hypocrisy is mind-boggling because not only is the worship racist, but it’s based on exploitation.

One of the best examples is having an entire month devoted to one race.  There would be outrage if Caucasians had the same privileges.  Nowadays, White males can hardly get a decent job because affirmative action dictates companies to hire incompetent minorities as collateral.  Black History Month was created to suppress guilt that should never have existed in the first place.  It is a great oppressor and fraud.

Not to mention, Black Entertainment Television, along with the fact that most on-film characters are complete imbeciles (i.e. Chris Tucker and Tracy Morgan).  Garbage like Barbershop, Soul Plane, and White Chicks promote anti-Caucasianism, while Tyler Perry remains to be the most prominent Black supremacist in Hollywood.  His movies never fail to include bigoted White characters.  Directors like him lack the capacity to recognize that their racially prejudiced agendas are backfiring as they depict themselves as the most discriminatory and ignorant ethnic group.  Only racists and self-loathers turn a blind eye and think the mindless rhetoric is comedic genius.

However, those who supposedly love their own race are the same ones who can’t even accept their own hair.  Oprah Winfrey is conformed to the deception that the original African woman is deemed unattractive, where having lighter skin and delicate features is the only form of beauty.  The transformation of her face throughout the years was geared towards resembling the rest of the world.  How often do you see Black women in the entertainment industry without straightened hair or a weave?  Oprah campaigned for Obama because he was half White.  She might continue preaching equality until she’s blue in the face, but it’s always a race issue.

Do you honestly think the people who adopt African babies would be caught dead with an African companion?  Even within the African American community, Africans are seen as inferior, which is why the ignorant feel the need to develop a sense of culture and tradition.  They don’t understand that their heritage was stolen and recreation is unnecessary.  Their cousins are frowned upon because they think they’re uncivilized cannibals.  To say that the average African has a healthier diet would be an outrageous understatement, especially compared to “soul food”, a primary killer in the Black race, or grease embraced with open arms.

What the hypocrites don’t realize is that they’ve already bought into the hidden exploitation, and so hip-hop and gangster rap were invented.  Apparently, culture has been reduced to calling each other “niggas” and jumping around like crazed apes.  African slaves who suffered through unspeakable turmoil must be turning over in their graves!

According to this development, Black men are only men if they’re man enough to treat their women like “hoes” and participate in criminal activities.  They don’t know that wearing baggy pants is spawned from a signal for volunteered prison rape.  Is it any wonder why there are so many single mothers on welfare?

Music icon and R&B singer, Alicia Keys, was once quoted, saying: “’Gangsta rap’ was a ploy to convince Black people to kill each other.  ‘Gangsta rap’ didn’t exist.”

The rumour that Black men have larger genitals may be taken as a compliment, but it is also exploitation.  Are they animals?  Calling a Black person a monkey is racist, but doing so for other races isn’t because the offended are too dim-witted to realize that acknowledgment is the real insult.

And all of the aforementioned facts stem from one single mistake that was made in the past: colonialism.  The British should never have made deals with African tribal leaders and purchased their slaves.  Going from the manure hut to technology and modern medicine ruined it for everyone, and because of the sudden and drastic change, Ebola, a fatal and very contagious disease, was brushed off as a White man’s lie by uneducated locals.  The virus spread like wildfire.  Government corruption, mass genocide… did you know that African men are having intercourse with baby girls because they think it’s the cure for AIDS?

What most people fail to recognize is that the foundation of the theory of evolution is based on racism.  Published on November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in its full title was called, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  Darwin believed that some races were inferior.  He concluded the existence of living “primitive races” was the strongest evidence for evolution, and that they were evolutionarily between the “civilized races of man” and gorilla.  Evolution served as a justification towards slavery because Blacks were “proven” to be sub-human.  In truth, none of us started in Africa except Africans.


The ultimate form of exploitation, however, was founded by none other than Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.  She wrote an article called, The Case for Birth Control (first published in the Woman Citizen, Vol. 8, February 23, 1924, pages 17-18).  In the last paragraph, she wrote: “When children are conceived in love and born into an atmosphere of happiness, then will parenthood be a glorious privilege, and the children will grow to resemble gods.  This can only be obtained through the knowledge and practice of Birth Control.”

Grow to resemble “gods”?  That sounds like Lebensborn, Adolf Hitler’s breeding program that aimed for the growth of a superior nation, where spouses had to be racially pure and biologically fit.  Not surprisingly, Sanger gave a lecture to the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey in 1926.


Did you know that one of the main objectives of Planned Parenthood was to stop minorities from procreating?  It was an attempt to eradicate the poor, stupid, and unattractive, setting up clinics in third world countries and ghettoes to give out free contraception.  Many have a false sense of self-reassurance that horrible conditions make it okay to get rid of a few, but why don’t they give out free medicine that costs nothing to drug companies?  Why don’t they ration restaurant food that goes to waste every single day to the starving?

Birth control and abortion are being used to decimate the Black race.  It goes all the way back to colonialism, fuelled by evolution, or survival of the fittest.  Sadly, most don’t even know the degree in which they are exploited because of their lack of education.  Colonialism has destroyed so much and it’s a vicious cycle that never ceased.

We, as humans, need to unify and repair the mistakes from before, without pussyfooting around outcomes and not dealing with the source directly.  We have the responsibility to allow Black people to rediscover their roots and retrace their homeland.  As of right now, Africans in America don’t have an official language.  They can’t speak properly, while Jamaicans have Patois, or broken English.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is gone and so is Malcom X.  There was a short time when Bill Cosby acted as a spokesperson.  He turned out to be a serial rapist who drugged White women with Quaaludes for rape.  It must end.  We need to encourage them to repopulate and re-establish the countries of their continent because of the devastation we have caused.  Like the first biracial President of the United States, Barack Obama, would say: “Yes we can!”