The Star Article

On Saturday, January 21, 2012, I was featured in the largest newspaper in all of Canada, the Toronto Star, which put me on the front page of the Life section.  It was a cover story written by reporter, Vinay Menon, who graciously came to my home to interview my family and me.  To say it was rewarding would be a ridiculous understatement because the experience was so much more.

During my elementary years when I was twelve years old, I was given the opportunity to tour the Star building and meet their lead cartoonist.  I even got to draw a comic strip that was published on June 20, 1993.


As a child, I had always wanted to become a cartoonist, but eventually lost the ability to draw with my hands due to the progression of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Eighteen years later, I became an author.  The Toronto Star was there to see my dreams before their demise and they returned to embrace their resurrection…


Below is the scanned version of the paper itself.  To read the article online, please click here: LINK