Ever since I came into the world, I had a fascination towards the female gender.  Mother said that as a baby, I smiled at all the pretty nurses whenever they gave my shots.  It scared their skirts off!  I never believed in cooties as I saw something in girls that I couldn’t let go of…

I remember back in kindergarten, flirting with little darlings, only to have the lovely young teacher make me stay after class.  I can’t blame her for wanting to play with me and pinch my tender cheeks.  I was freakishly adorable after all.

As a five year old boy, I had my first love/hate relationship.  We fought every day, but always made up before bedtime.  In grade one, I had a girlfriend named Janine who was a cute little blonde.  She made dotted alphabets to help with my English, but eventually had an affair with some Asian pretty boy, so of course I stole her favourite pen and made her cry!

Karen got me with a huge snowball after I jumped her on the sofa while watching cartoons… trying to steal a kiss.  I was only eight when I tried having a baby with a lawyer’s daughter and got caught by her grandmother and the vacuum.  At that time, I learned the art of seduction when I followed an adult friend in the bathroom and envied her crimson lipstick.  With my tiny feet dangling atop the counter, she really kissed me too!

Women have surrounded my life for the longest time and because of them, I’ve come to understand there are still some beautiful things in the world that evil can neither touch nor destroy.

The truth is that I’ve learned so much from women.  Seeing their unconditional loving kindness, patience, and cares, how they put others first before themselves, have given me the opportunity to learn at a very young age what it means to be a man.  Without them, I wouldn’t know where to begin.  Though I haven’t a clue as to what I’m fighting for sometimes, I’ll always continue striving for more, making way in this journey of becoming worthy.

As a child, I always dreamed of saving the princess.  However, with maturity, I realized that girls didn’t require saving.  Women weren’t weak.  You might be surprised, but I used to give advice online.  I still feel guilty that I can’t physically protect women, and so did anything I could.  Yet in my realization, I found that the notion of saving the princess was so much deeper than I had originally thought.  It’s about taking yourself out of the equation and encouraging her to be her own best friend.  She needs to remember how much she’s capable of, that she needn’t rely solely on others, and is strong enough.  We’re not meant to be saviours when it’s more important that she is her own heroine.

And so women have taught me selflessness most of all.  Instead of complaining (I actually compliment the negative), I’ve chosen to use my life as a way to encourage.  I owe so much to women, for my attitude and gratitude.  Thanks Mom!