Running away is not an option when it comes to Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  It forces you to endure, even when you feel like things weren’t supposed to end up this way.  I remember in the fifth grade when I lost the strength to wheel myself anymore.  I had every reason to be angry at the world, but decided to look at someone else pushing me as vacation instead.  You have to create your own rewards.

Portrait - 007

Some people say that if in my shoes, they wouldn’t be able to cope, but how am I brave when there was never a choice to begin with?  It’s about having a mentality where possibly is possible, which requires you to believe in the capacity of others, as in the human spirit.  Thinking you’re above them will only cause you to fall flat on your face.

All I ever wanted was normalcy, but in order to achieve such, it’s necessary to work a little harder.  I don’t have superpowers, just sheer will and determination.  I’ll do anything it takes to keep whatever’s left of my dignity intact… how?

By being resourceful and learning from this disease; turning the negative into a positive and making that your only option.  It isn’t to say that despair is gone forever.  However, walking through with a shield of happiness, despite the tears, is the way you continue standing.

Eventually, I received my very own powered chair by the next grade, which was another reward in itself.  It was spectacular, possessing the ability of both defence and offence, against bullies who used to take advantage of me.  A new era had begun and I was nothing but prepared.