Dear Future Daughter,

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t dream of kneeling from a distance with open arms, waiting to catch you inside them.  However, your father is unlike everyone else.  I lack the physical capacity to reach out for an embrace, but it was some time ago when I caught a glimpse of you.  You smiled so sweetly in your little ponytail and delightful dress.  I already missed you too much when I whispered our first hello…

All I ever wanted was to protect you from the spiders and monsters, yet only possess a handful of words to enfold your heart and mind.  I need to teach you some things about life, so you might know the ways of protecting yourself in the unforeseeable future.

Darling, one of the greatest lessons I learned is that while being on Earth will never be easy, the world still owes us nothing and we must work for our rewards.  The privilege of accomplishment ceases existence when excuses are made.  Remember that courage is not the absence of fear.  In truth, it is to embrace both strength and weakness, harnessing them to our advantage, and to accept our abilities and inabilities.

When I was little, I always imagined about saving the princess, but as I became of age, realized that my fantasy was much deeper than originally thought.  Women didn’t need to be saved.  They weren’t feeble.  It was all about taking myself out of the equation and encouraging them to understand the necessity of being their own best friends.  They needed to acknowledge how much they were capable of, that they needn’t rely on others, and were strong enough.

And you are strong enough, love.  You’re capable of being your own heroine, and not because I believe in the person you are, but that beyond the infinite stars and galaxies, you are the only you in the universe.  Your imperfections are what make you perfect.  You’re you, and you’re all you ever need to be.

If ever you call yourself stupid (I promise those moments will arise), remember that it’s okay to be stupid.  It’s okay that things are not okay sometimes.  The most important thing is what you choose to do from then onwards, owning up to your mistakes and being a responsible young lady.  We only deserve the choices we make.  You have the power to save yourself, even when it seems impossible.  Just, don’t let anyone dictate how you should feel when you have every right to your emotions.

My dearest daughter, I hope you laugh and cry and dream of beautiful things.  I hope you find freedom in your spirit and soul, and gratitude for simplicity, the air that you breathe.  I hope you keep inside yourself that genuine liberty is worth living and dying for.

While the fabric of space and time stands between our existences, know that you’re my reason without reason, my longing and desire.  It breaks my heart that we shall never meet.  I won’t see you grow up, fall in love, and have children of your own.  I wish I could walk you down the aisle.

Though your silhouette continues fading into the light every time we greet, imagination remains with me.  I can’t wait to close my eyes and hold your hand once more.  No matter how far apart we are, Daddy loves you so much, for now, and evermore.

Unconditionally yours,

Your Dad,