Dear Future Wife,

There are places in my heart that are yours alone.  In them I linger, thinking of you.  As you plunge your quivering lips into mine, I gasp for my final breath in the softness of your mouth with teardrops in our kiss.  Closing my eyes to this bittersweet suffocation, memories of our first emerge…

Your lips break free from mine, our fingers untwined.  I watch you drifting from my touch as you dance into the night.  Your flowered summer dress barely touches you and I envy the glow of streetlights, kissing the silk of your skin.  Midnight breezes rush toward my way as I savour your alluring perfume; my sweet intoxication.

You’re my ecstasy.  Your whispers caress my addiction.  The inviting air of your radiance evokes my desire to join your melodic waltz within the shadows surrounding us.  There’s only silence, yet music still resonates in the tranquillity of night.  Our slow dances in darkness are the embraces I’ve longed for, through aeons in space and time.

Though I don’t have the strength to reach you, I’ve always longed to touch your face.  You take my breath away in your continued readings of my heart.  You place my hand upon your face and yours upon mine.  The distance between our eyes becomes a moment of hush, ours forevermore.

It collides with eternity as we lay beneath the stars.  They become my reason to be near to you, for the infinite wonders above could never compare to your beauty.  Here in your arms with your gentle breath upon my face, the rhythm of your heart is my lullaby.  I finally understand the place where I belong.  You’re my universe, my dearest love.

You’re the place where I stand guard, to watch over and protect.  I watch on as you surrender to the inevitable slumber.  I hope you dream of beautiful things and long to see me in your wake.  At the sight of morning light upon your smiles, you take my hand as we fade into a pathway towards sunrise.

Dear Future Wife, you’re the last of my dreams and beginning of them.  When I looked into your eyes, I couldn’t help but fall.  I found home in the graceful aura that was you.  There was nothing more I wanted than to wish upon your heart.

Throughout my life, I thought love to be impossible, and none would love enough to care for me, until you came along.  There isn’t much I can offer, only a handful of words to enfold you, and inspire your tears of joy.

I promise to remain at your side through the darkest of your days, and defend and guide your heart.  I promise to engage with honesty, without pride to cloud intentions.  I promise to find the best of you as I learn to love you more.  I promise my complete devotion, to be faithful in times of uncertainties, for I’m in love with you, and I always will be.

As you plunge your quivering lips into mine, sadness consumes my heart.  The illuminated abyss envelops me with scenes of our life before my eyes.  In this final breath, I fear our nostalgic romance is at its end.  I submit to this bittersweet suffocation, longing for my wake…

Upon opening my eyes to look into yours, I’ve pledged my vows before God, bearing witness to our love.  I realize that in our kiss, I’ve travelled back in time.  And I shall return to love you, time and time again; beyond death do us part, for now and evermore.

With love,