During the initial seasons of The Big Bang Theory, I encountered a couple episodes encouraging bigotry towards the fair skinned.  Raj, the East Indian character, went on to say to Howard, the Jewish: “You fail to take into account that even mute, I am foreign and exotic, while you, on the other hand, are frail and pasty.”

The following dialogue also occurred between Penny and Dave, both of whom were White:

“So, um, Dave, how do you know Leonard?” she asked.

“I’m a physicist.”

“No you’re not!” she laughed.

“Why is that so surprising?”

“Uh, well, it’s just that the physicists I know are indoors(y) and pale.”

“Pale”… “pasty”… “frail”: does it bother you that being Caucasian is associated with weakness and having a dull personality?  Unfortunately, racism in the media only exists when it happens in real life.  As a minority in North America, I’ve been subjected to a great deal of nastiness because others feel comfortable demonizing the White race in front of me.

When I first got into homecare, one of my nurses claimed that every White person in the world hated Blacks.  She went on to say that I was of the same colour.  According to her, Oriental people all looked the same too.  Dare I say, if anyone made such a remark against her, there would be outrage.

Another caregiver stated that all Whites should have been shot dead as a preventative measure for wars.  The fact of the matter is that Caucasians are constantly victimized as the defaulted offenders, even while they’re the most oppressed.  Attempts at prejudiced humour continually get swept under the rug because hating them is deemed socially acceptable.

Of course, when I blogged on the matter, the feedback received was rather surprising.  I remember one particular comment that caught my eye when a person found my stance “disturbing” because I was Chinese.  It made me wonder if it was also disturbing for Whites to defend Blacks.  How about when William Wilberforce made it his personal agenda to abolish the African slave trade?

Defending someone requires empathy.  There’s no such thing as “reverse racism” because at the end of the day, racism is racism.  Falsely justified discrimination was created by none other than a self-loathing population as a way of deception.  White oppression is real, but the public is too afraid of speaking up, rendering anti-Caucasianism hidden.  Calling someone “pale” or “pasty”, alongside with “frail” is intolerance.

And if the history card is to be played, isn’t it racism to call a Jew “frail and pasty”, considering their history of unspeakable turmoil within the barbed wires of Nazi concentration camps?

Someone else wrote, “Wow we’re finally getting a taste of our own medicine!”

This is an extremely dangerous mindset.  Not only does it imply that all members of White descent deserve heat for what their ancestors might or might not have done, but it lumps everyone together, including the Irish, who were brutally enslaved as well.  Their women and girls were forced to be raped by African men to create more profit by cultivating human intelligence.  Did they deserve a taste?

History is an opportunity for betterment, not to repeat mistakes, but hypocrisy sadly outweighs logic.  While there are those who believe that Whites aren’t oppressed, they contradict themselves by acknowledging them as the safest group to attack.  This manufactured safety is the exact reason why tyranny exists.

Even more mind-boggling is how Black women are defending the same people who regard the original African female as unattractive.  How often, if ever, do you see kinky hair in entertainment?  Nakedness is exploited in science and nature documentaries because their breasts are considered to resemble those of a primate’s, while nearly every actress of colour is conformed to the standard that light skin and delicate features are the only forms of beauty.  It creates an environment of insecurity that feeds into the deception promoting White oppression.

One other comment wrote, “There were so many beautiful sexy colored women mostly black or latina, we happened to turn the page after seeing so many gorgeous women and happened to end up seeing a really pale white woman in purple undies.  Let me just tell you, we were so turned off.  It looked dead and unappealing.”

To remain accurate, we must also take into account the comedic industry.  Would Russell Peters thrive on making racially charged jokes if he was Caucasian?  Chris Rock discriminates time and time again, yet no one is offended because racism that touches on Whites is cheered for.

Either we abolish racism, or give everyone a free ticket to make fun of anyone of any race.  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t go and call someone a “cracker”, or “white trash” and get away with it, yet somehow, you can.  Funny, how there are consequences to defending Whites and none with minorities.  Making examples of their oppression is apparently racist because I’m generalizing?  What the deluded fail to understand is that examples are evidence that racism exists, and generalization is a catalyst that yields hatred and more.

Generalizing is bringing up blood diamonds as a defence to suppress the truth.  However, I thought the term “bling” came from Black culture?  You know, the “blood diamonds” that filthy rich rappers like to wear?  While affirmative action is a voluntary slap in the face for those who see no problem with its falsehoods.  They agree to inferiority and that their sole reason for employment is colour, without realizing that they’re racist against themselves.  It infuriates me as an international majority when Caucasians turn a blind eye, artificially unaffected, especially when it comes to males.

As far as White men are concerned, listen up.  You’re neither frail nor pasty.  Get that weed out of your mouth and speak like you finished grade school.  Quit jumping around to that hip-hop gangster (c)rap and pull up your damn pants.  Stop taking insults like a doormat and grow some balls.  Make a stand for your women because anything else makes you nothing more than a White boy!

Do not be deceived: White people are beautiful, and Caucasian women don’t look like corpses because of their whiteness, though excessive tanning will cause death resulting from cancer.  White women are gorgeous, just the way they are.