Fat girls are super gorgeous.  They’re like squishy pink balloons, shiny and glimmering, soft, delicate, and adorable.  Your only desire is to protect and squeeze; hoping that she never gets hurt with a pop.  When she cries, all you want is to kiss her tummy and look up at her to say, “Baby, you’re my plump and juicy meatball, now and evermore.”


Then again, skinny girls are super gorgeous too.  They’re like a melodic waltz of colourful sparklers, intricately designed to twinkle in their exquisite abode.  Your only desire is to embrace her with fingertip dabs and defend her darling flame so you might wish upon her star forever.  When she smiles, a twirl of rainbow glitter appears, inspiring you to kiss her on the forehead and say, “Sweetie, you’re my spaghetti noodle, and I’ll always be there to slurp your pretty heart.”


But average girls are also super gorgeous.  They’re like silky white bed sheets, fresh from the dryer, sincere and honest, yet warm and inviting from within; a reminder that women should be appreciated for their individual selves.  Even the sunlight glows in her radiance, while your only wish is to wrap her around until the end of time.  Her gentleness inspires you to show how beautiful she is, and say, “Darling, you’re precious like cheesecake, healthy and nutritious, yet fattening just a little.  I want you all the more.”


TRUTH: Every girl is soft and gentle in her own super gorgeous way.

Her sweet embrace might make you surrender to the nocturnal wake of loving arms, but it’s when you close your eyes that you’ll finally see the light.  As you turn your head towards her neck, the tender corner of her jawline will graze upon your shuteye.  In her softness, you’ll catch a glimpse into her heart, guiding you to want to love her for everything she is.