Dear Zombie Princess,

While surrounded by the empty silence of this nuclear holocaust, I’m here alone with you, lost without your presence.  But no matter the hopelessness, I have faith that the girl from before still lingers, somewhere within the confines of your rotting corpse.  Gazing into your lifeless stare, I’m reminded of a past romance from seemingly moments ago.

It seems like yesterday when you could smile back at me, and how you’d lust for my foolish attempts at charm.  Now, it pains me to realize that the only part you lust after is the uncontaminated scent of my flesh.

I remember the first time we met during the mass evacuation from a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, amid a traffic jam of frightened civilians.  When my vehicle ran out of battery, you welcomed me with open arms, despite your parents’ hesitation.  It was love at first sight.  We were like teenagers again, holding hands in secret.

I remember our whispers in conversation that lasted for minutes then hours, and your delightful laughter when I made those ridiculous jokes.  I remember travel board games and losing your tiles, and sharing ear buds when we listened to my Apple iPod.  I remember learning little things about you, and the girl I fell in love with.  I remember you.

Then out of nowhere, the brightest of lights flashed before our eyes as we shared our first and almost last kiss.  Upon opening them, it was suddenly hell on Earth.  We became the sole survivors of humanity.

We survived on canned goods and bottled water.  When the forsaken ones came, we hid beneath the streets until sunrise.  I long for the times when we held each other through the night.  It saddens me that those moments have long since faded, for the monsters inevitably took you away.  You said to me in your final words, “I don’t love you because you’re the last man to love!  I love you because you’re the only man in my heart!”

It has been more than a year since I last saw you.  I’ve missed you so.

As you stumbled towards my way in your drunken Nosferatu waltz, snowflakes of fallout descended upon your decaying flesh, crawling with maggots and flies.  I became mesmerized by your deepest moans of night song, my haunted lullaby.  I found excitement in your deathly twitches, with the notion that your scantily clad articles of clothing might come off from your soft, decrepit skin.

Dear Zombie Princess, wherever it is that you came from and whatever you’ve become.  I wonder if you’re still mine.  Here with you as I struggle to fight your desperate attempts of ripping at my flesh, I surrender at long last.  I’m finally made free from the loneliness that has ripped at my heart for far too long without you.  I love you too much!

It’s so cold right now.  A death renewed life has taken over me.  I’m yours, all of me.  And together we shall reign, together we shall rule, until the end of time, and every creature of darkness perishes away, until every carcass we feed upon withers to dust… together with our nuclear love child, my dearest undead goddess of night.

Undyingly yours,