I love when girls are hot.  I love how warmth softly caresses her cheeks as the glowing pink clouds of early summer evenings, kissed by the lingering traces of a sunset.  I love the way her hair embraces her forehead like honey on a honeycomb, how she takes a deep breath with beads of sweat dripping down the silk of her skin.  I love the way she touches them away with the back of her hand… graceful, even when in a mess.

Why do I always fall for the girls who will never love me in return?  Women inspire me to find the answer every time, and so I ask: why do they go back to those who don’t deserve their love?

I often get frustrated over the matter, in that Duchenne muscular dystrophy keeps denying my chances at romance.  I could only dream to obtain the privilege of a woman’s heart, yet these “men”, so-called, don’t even understand how fortunate they are to be given such a precious wonder in this lonely universe of ours.  I could never let myself become bitter from my unquenchable thought processes when I continue seeing something beautiful that I’ve wanted to discover since I was little.

We, in our society, seek justification with actions and intentions, but forget sometimes, the importance of forgiveness.  I get frustrated because of such, which is the same virtue that allows women to return to the person who hurt them, even time and time again.  Women want to believe in us, that there is possibility in our potential.  The simple notion of it is quite lovely.

Perhaps I’m deprived of the aforementioned and it makes me less of an aspiring gentleman.  I get angry every time I’m forced to ask myself, Why not me?  I want to be better because I’ve let my “lack thereof” blind me.  I need to, so that one day I might be worthy.

Why do I always fall for the girls who will never love me in return?  No matter the hopelessness of my mind, I still remain hopeless.  I must, because love in its purest form is worth more than a billion trillion stars.  This is why women are graceful, even when in a mess.