Resulting from a cleverly devised agenda against natural beauty, propagated by the media and entertainment industry, we live in a world where armpit hair is frowned upon and even despised in many cases.  While our democratic society advocates freedom, beneath the candy exterior lies a river of deceit that reassures the masses with a false sense of security.  This is why hypocrisy can easily be distinguished; the observation between how the inner is encouraged, and the way the outer remains lusted after.  Is it possible to overcome the boundaries in standards that are now the foundation of sexual attraction?  Are we, as a people, capable of defying the limitations that we have inflicted upon ourselves?

Pheromones, based on the Greek words, “Pheran” (to transfer), and “Horman” (to excite), are chemicals produced by insects and animals that trigger behavioural responses and hormonal changes in the opposite sex of the same species.  They are found in fluids such as sweat, urine, and genital secretions.  Being one of the warmest areas in the human body with much hair growth, the underarm is a model place for odour distribution.  First to perspire, it is fully equipped with sweat glands that researchers state, enable the release of copulins (or sex pheromones).  Most fertile young women don’t realize that shaving comes with great consequences, and also at a fantastic price.

Unbeknownst to the public, cosmetic companies have conspired with Hollywood to hide the benefits of keeping armpit hair as a scheme for financial gain.  They beguile females into thinking that perfection is impossible without the purchase of their products, preying upon insecurities and self-loathing tendencies.  What girls are not told from the get-go is that shaving may cause rashes, inflammation, irritation, folliculitis, as well as infections.  Sadly, many are indoctrinated with the idea that hairlessness equates to cleanliness, yet it makes no sense because hygiene is still possible while maintaining the hair on our heads.  Is it true when men are not required to go through ridiculous regimens for the sake of looking decent?

As an aspiring gentleman, I feel it is unfair that women are subconsciously forced to torture themselves so they might be conformed to what is considered beautiful in the eyes of others.  I often wish that my peers would stop focusing on minute things akin to the likes of breasts and thighs.  Women, after all, are not qualified to be fried chicken.  When I was twelve years old and watched Aladdin for the very first time, I quickly dreamed about getting a magic carpet ride.  I must admit that if I had a fuzzy girlfriend, it would be my hairytale come true.

In conclusion, armpit hair allows women to attract the opposite gender with the liberty of renouncing the need for makeup and designer clothing, which is a huge money saver that will free up funds for more educational expenses.  Hairy pits also give men the opportunity to appreciate women for their natural beauty that leads to their intelligence just as much.  They advocate genuine freedom in that females are not restricted from leaving their residence without looking in the mirror, saving time in the process.  Female armpit hair is a symbol of hope that all of us possess the capacity to step away from the manufactured oppression of mankind and truly engage the front lines of a new phase in human civilization.  Ladies, it’s time to throw out those razor blades!