What is hope?  I learned it at a very young age from my loving family, no doubt.

Prior to becoming a motorized madman, I started off as a running madman.  Grandma used to chase my little butt around the house just to feed another bite, but fortunately, my family never made me sit still.  They didn’t regret letting me skip the steps I was to inevitably miss.

Quite often, we visited the park in the afternoons where I was free to roam around.  No one knew why I’d fall every now and then, but bloody knees never got the best of me.  I was unafraid because I understood that no matter how much I stumbled and how many times I might hurt myself, someone would always be there to pick me back up.

If you were wondering how I knew this so early, I must give credit to my dear, sweet mother.  All you need is to imagine a tiny 5’4” Chinese lady carrying an almost nine pound baby, and who knows how much amniotic fluid… yeah, that would be yours truly!  Only, she loved me anyway, despite causing her to have a Caesarean section.

Mom was nothing but joyful when I finally popped out, since I almost crippled the poor woman for thirty-six weeks.  She even had difficulty standing, while it was impossible to get back on her feet after sitting for a rest.  The size of my head also caused me to be in the wrong position, but as soon as she wrapped a towel around me and pulled up as per doctor’s orders, her water quickly broke.

On the day of my grand entrance, we stayed at St. Teresa’s Hospital in Hong Kong.  Yet when a nurse unexpectedly asked Dad to sign some papers, he violently opposed the idea of cutting his wife open.  After they explained how much pain I was causing her with my melon head and that she simply wanted me out… TADA!!!

My journey began as a fantastic tale of love, comedy, and sacrifice.  I scared my family half to death, being the biggest baby bump ever, but they continued loving me, regardless.  How could I not be hopeful, grateful, and cheerful?

Spoiled brat?  Probably!  However, their way of teaching me to always do my best was a balance that kept me humble.  We didn’t realize it during that time, but I was in actuality being prepared for the many challenges ahead…