Dear Women,

There’s something I wanted to say for the longest time.  Can you keep a secret?  Because the truth is (and it might sound corny), you saved my life.

You see it was only some years ago that my health began going downhill.  As the issues kept accumulating, I continued losing hope.  Nothing got better, and comfortable days became a rarity.  All was falling apart and I was tempted to let go, but changed my mind when I remembered you.

Throughout my existence, I never thought I belonged in this world.  I always felt so out of place, until I caught a glimpse of your smile, sometime in the early Eighties.  I scared their skirts off with a returning smile, while being poked and prodded, no less!  Yours though, is definitely the prettiest ever.  I don’t think I would have made it without seeing the lovely curves of your darling lips.

Admittedly, I have a thing for you.  You often make me sneeze in close proximity.  Your sweet breath upon my head is like an attack of fluffy bunnies.  I get tickled in my heart sometimes.  Yet all of you are so adorable and enchanting.  I don’t mean to generalize, but your heart is something precious.  I see it in your words and actions.  You’re my damsel in distress, my heroine all the same.  You listen when I’m talking, with patience and understanding, even while I’m only able to speak between each breath.

But I never deserved your love.  When I was little, I had a best friend.  Something happened and she got hurt.  I simply couldn’t save her.  I didn’t and have blamed myself since.  I owe so much to you because of my guilt, but realize how selfish I am for thinking only about myself.  Though perfection is not a part of my repertoire and I will eventually disappoint, you inspire me to be more than who I am.

Did you know that my dear, sweet mother gave up her teaching career years ago to care for me?  Unconditional love is hard to find, but as one of the lucky few, she’s right around the corner.  By attending my needs, I was shown that putting others first was an absolutely beautiful human trait.  Mom taught me well in her fighting spirit.  I hope I turn out to be a son she will be proud of.

And I know it isn’t likely for me to have a chance at romance.  I also know that you tell me otherwise, but is it so hard to understand that I wanted you all along, and not somebody else?  Don’t think that I don’t know the reasons, which is why I couldn’t possibly be bitter against you.  If this was a personal letter, you’d probably give me a friendly smile, but just because you can’t love me that way, doesn’t mean I won’t care and dream about your kiss.

Indeed.  You saved my life.  It’s only that my recent sufferings have made me forget the person I was, but when you reminded me the other evening, I couldn’t help but fall again.  I wanted to say, thank you.  I can’t die because I’d miss you too much.  I don’t need to meet angels when heavenly creatures can never compare with you.

In adore,