Women are sensitive creatures, and not to say it has anything to do with weakness, but they view the world through another spectrum of colours unseen in the outside world.  They acknowledge more and understand the human heart, while compassion entices them to enter our thoughts.  It’s the reason why when we hurt, they feel it just as much, wanting to mend our broken pieces, even if they cut their hands in the process.

And this is something men need to realize.  When boyfriends and husbands become sad and feel like raising the white flag, women tend to take it personally, as though they’re not a good enough reason to continue with a victorious mindset.  Of course, girlfriends and wives are available to remain supportive, but what comes after their words of comfort is one of the most significant defining factors of genuine love.

Everyone will agree that in all healthy relationships, giving must go both ways.  It’s common sense.  However, and unfortunately, some are blinded from the fact that it’s not a turn-based give and take transaction, but instead, a give-give companionship.  Following their encouragement, we as men need to harvest that gifted strength and use it to motivate them as well.  This is the key towards winning a woman’s heart, time and time again.

In situations where you are tempted to give up and she provides the comfort, giving back has everything to do with reminding her that she is your reason to stand your ground, regardless of the stresses that may befall.  As long as you are doing this out of gratitude, there is no need to worry that she might feel pressured because being your pride and joy is also her pride and joy.  Have faith in her ability to read your heart.

The real question here is, what do women really want?  Women won’t outright tell us exactly what to do, and not because romance is a game of cat and mouse, but that they need us to make an effort for them.  After all, their affections toward us are in actuality their way of revealing their dreams of how they wish to be loved.

So put yourself in her shoes and fill her spirit with delight.  Open your eyes to the reflections of her desires and make her completely undone.  Find the rhythm of her heart and capture the essence of the woman she is, so that you might inspire her to smile and laugh and dream of beautiful things.